Yannick De Smet

Visualiser – Designer – Developer

E-mail: yannick@de-smet.me | Tel: +32 468 15 31 79


I was contacted by Raakvlak to help them visualize a Roman family who lived on a terp in the Zwin region, a coastal part of Belgium. They were wealthy 3rd century salt-miners who had their permanent residence on the salty dwelling hill. The archeologists found a deciduous tooth, proving a 10-year old child lived there. They called her Livia. She made an appearance in the painting.

We discussed a few possible layouts and in the end Raakvlak drew a little sketch on a waste book. This idea was fleshed out and sent for approval. The client asked for a new haircut and a small garden kitchen garden. A colour sketch was made and I found the woman in the back to be distracting. At this point the client wanted a slightly different pose and a new wardrobe.

All paintings are part of an exhibition in Sincfala.

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