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Mom, they are bullying me

School without bullying

‘School zonder Pesten’ is a Belgian non-profit organisation that focusses on awareness and bullying prevention. They strive for the “good feeling” of every child in primary school, by focusing on social development, positive classroom atmosphere and solution-oriented thinking, with the specific goal of reducing bullying at school.

Mom, they are bullying me


One of their efforts was the publication of this guide for parents with 3 to 12-year-old children. The book teaches what bullying is and how you van recognize it. You learn how you can prevent your children from bullying or being bullied and what you should do if the harassments occur. Finally, you can read what bullying does to you as a parent and how you can deal with it yourself.

I was tasked to make one illustration per chapter. I also proposed the cover with a childish handwritten title. “Mom, they’re bullying me”. On the picture you can see worriless children who all could be the subject of bullying.

Mom, they are bullying me
Mom, they are bullying me

Bullying, now what?

How do you know when your child is being bullied? How can you as a parent help? What can you do if your child is the bully?

I wanted to depict how disruptive the whole experience can be by painting a lonely child on a swing, a place that is initially build for fun. Having it take place at night adds to the deconnection.

Mom, they are bullying me

Can bullying be prevented?

Another illustration shows how a boy is bullied, but you get another story when you see their shadows.

Recognizing the bigger picture.

Mom, they are bullying me

What does bullying do to you as a parent?

How can it affect you as a parent, and what can be done?
Angry? Guilt? Powerless?

What is 'School without bullying'?
Learn about the organisation on their website:

'School zonder pesten' (Dutch)

Want to have your own copy?

Buy the book (Dutch)

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