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and the Mind’s Eye

Undoda is an iPad- and iPhone narrated storybook with 3 fun games developed using reading comprehension techniques used to improve understanding of abstract words.

Combining the imagination of a narrated children’s storybook with the pure action of touchscreen and tilt-based gaming, “Undoda And The Mind’s Eye” introduces kids to the concept of multimind learning without sacrificing fun.


Undoda was featured by Apple as "What's Hot" in Books and Games.

Concepts of the characters

The design of Undoda and his friends has come a long way from what it is now. From style changes to different storytelling, creating a character is always a collaboration between client and artist.

The sketches for each character went back and forth until a final design was chosen. As you can see, Undoda went from a ratlike figure to a chubby toddler. Adjustments like the bigger eyes, rounder head and longer legs made Undoda more compelling for little children.

The final illustrations

Delivering the final product was a big challenge as the client needed 34 page-filling illustrations. Respecting deadlines and keeping the work on par kept me focused on creative solutions.

All scenes were sketched out for approval and then colored with large strokes and gradients. When those got accepted, the final illustration could begin. Painting all details, expressions and shadows took a long time but are worth the effort.

The illustrations are simply top-notch, rivaling those one may see coming from the biggest Hollywood studios for animated films.
This is one of the most amazing and exciting kid’s apps that I have ever seen.
Undoda is a best app for kids because the story is excellent, the graphics are amazing and they’ve thrown in a couple of games for good measure.
A Top 10 Kids-Apps pick. "...what can be more exciting than combining a book with interesting games that help you discover the amazing adventures of our chinchilla friend, Undoda?"
— Kids-Apps.mobi
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